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Trip Essentials

Golf Trip Essentials

For most of us, a golf trip is something we do maybe once or twice a year. The process of packing for such an adventure requires some thoughtful planning, so we offer the following advice on essentials that belong in your bags:


Golf Shoes Preferably more than one pair, just in case you find yourself standing in a shower or a pond. You’ll probably want to replace your spikes to avoid any untimely slip-ups
Sun Screen Even in the winter months four days of sun can irritate sensitive skin, so don’t take a chance
Socks You can never have too many socks. On those days when you play 36, carry an extra pair so your dogs are comfortable coming into the final nine. A little foot powder is always a good idea, as well
Pain Relievers After the first couple of days, the muscles start to tighten and ache, and Ibuprophen or similar pain relievers are your best friend
Antacid There is a high probability that you’ll eat late at least one night and the slight chance that you might get over-served. So just in case, pack a little something for the tummy. Good for at least two strokes the next morning.
Map Have your course locations mapped out ahead of time so there is no panic to make your tee times. That way you get to the first calm and relaxed.  Click here to check out the Golf Holiday Map, it's a great way to start planning.
Chap Stick The steady ocean breeze can dry and crack those delicate lips, which makes it hard to wrap them around that nasty cigar. Keep ‘em moist.
Lucky Coin This is very important because you’ll use it on practically every green as a ball marker, and like they say, “Better lucky than good!”
Golf Gloves If you wear them, bring more than one. With the humidity and sweat factors, it’s a good idea to rotate them between rounds.
Band Aids and Tape It’s not uncommon for us road warriors to get a little blister, so slap some tape on it and get back in there.
Nail Clipper Nothing can ruin a smooth follow-through like a painful hang-nail.
Sunglasses To reduce the glare of the warm Carolina sun, pack a pair of good sunglasses.
Reading Glasses So you can check the score card and peruse the menus at some of the friendliest restaurants in town.
Rain Gear It hardly ever rains on the golf course, but just in case, a light rain suit, umbrella and rain gloves are good to have in your bag, because you know we’re playing, rain or shine.
Ear Plugs They may come in handy on the course if you’re traveling with a boisterous crowd, but you’ll appreciate them even more if you’re rooming with a chronic snorer.
Camera When you get together with buddies you may see only once or twice a year, a few snapshots for the old scrapbook is something everyone will cherish in years to come.
Cards and Chips One way to win back a little of the cash you lost on that last putt is with a few solid hours of Texas Hold’em. A deck of cards and some poker chips can provide hours of night time entertainment. Keep the stakes small and nobody gets hurt.
Speed Dial List Is someone in your group chronically late?  Get everyone’s cell phone numbers in advance just in case you have to hunt ‘em down. 
Golf Jokes There’s a comedian in every crowd. This trip, maybe it’s your turn to get everyone laughing on the first tee with a few good jokes.  In case you need a little help, check out the golf jokes here.
Add Yours! Tell us what essential golf trip items we forgot! 

 A little planning can make your Myrtle Beach golf trip go a lot smoother!


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