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Five Tips to Planning Your Very First Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

King's North is one of many great Myrtle Beach golf coursesMyrtle Beach is America’s most popular golf destination, attracting nearly a million players annually, many of them longtime visitors who know their way around town.

But countless new groups make their maiden voyage to the Golf Capital of the World each year, navigating more than 100 course offerings to plan their dream golf vacation.

What makes Myrtle Beach great – the quality and quantity of its offerings – can also make it challenging for newbies. With that in mind, we offer these tips to make planning your first Myrtle Beach golf trip easier than a tap-in:

Understand the size and scope of “Myrtle Beach”

The area referred to as Myrtle Beach is actually 60 miles of Carolinas coastline that stretches from Georgetown, S.C. on the south, to Brunswick County, N.C to the north. Locals refer to this stretch as "The Grand Strand" and divide it into three regions – the North, South and Central strands. Before you book your trip, get a free Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday trip-planning magazine and familiarize yourself with each of the three regions, it will help you make an informed decision about where to stay and play.

Utilize a golf package provider

These folks know local golf better than anyone, and they are in business solely to design golf packages and make sure you have a great trip (repeat business is vital to their success).  

There are two types of package providers in our organization:

1. Resorts/Accommodations who have an in-house golf director. This is how golf packages got started. The beach hotels began to see more and more golfers come to Myrtle Beach, so they created a golf department right there inside the resort. If you've picked the place where you want to stay, just contact their golf director who will book your room(s) at the resort, and schedule your tee times for the whole trip in one easy transaction.

2. Pure golf package companies who can book any resort/hotel in the area, and book your tee times at any golf course you want. 

What's the real difference? It really just depends if you have decided where you want to stay. Some golfers come back to Myrtle Beach and stay at the same property year after year because they know they like it, and don't like the risk of trying someplace new. If you're a first-time visitor, and need expert guidance in choosing the right hotel for your group, they perhaps go with a pure package provider. If, after all that, you still can't decide, then try this list of package providers currently offering a special deal.

The real advantage for a first time visitor is tapping in to their expertise. That's what they're there for!

Here are a few issues package providers can help with:

  • I've never been to Myrtle Beach, so I don't know where to start!
  • How do I choose which golf courses to play?
  • I have different skill levels in my group, how can I handle that?
  • What can we do after the round?
  • We don't want to sweat the details of contacting golf courses ourselves.
  •  Which area of Myrtle Beach matches the experience my group is looking for?

More: Top 5 Reasons it's Best to Book a Myrtle Beach Golf Package

Pick golf courses close to your hotel

Seems like a simple plan, but your first trip to Myrtle Beach can be similar to a meal at a Brazilian steakhouse: your first inclination is to say yes to everything! Do your homework and identify a cluster of courses in close proximity that you want to play, it will make your trip much more efficient. You can easily sort our full list of golf courses, but here are a few links to help: Southern golf courses | Central golf courses | Northern golf courses. First time visitors run the risk of spending valuable vacation time stuck in the car driving, when you could be golfing. - don't get caught in this trap! 

Take the opportunity to play the best we have to offer

Myrtle Beach, unquestionably, offers the best value in golf travel. The area is also home to 12 layouts that have been ranked among the top 100 public courses in America and more than 50 4-star courses, according to Golf Digest. Enjoy the opportunity to play some of the best courses in the nation.

Think about the "experience" you're looking for

There's a lot to do off the course in Myrtle Beach too, so know what your group likes to do.

  • Die-Hard Golfers - You're all golf, all the time, and it would surprise no one if you're playing 36/day. Consider staying at a multi-course facility, such as Legends Resort. You may be able to play a whole different course at the replay rate, practice facilities are nearby, dining is on-site. Nothing to distract you from the great golf on-site, and close by. 

  • Party Golfers - Sure, you're golfing, but it's mainly a precursor to dinner reservations and nightlife. You're looking for action, and central Myrtle Beach is where you want to be. Bright lights, tons of attractions and nightlife options, and many courses within a 15 minute drive. Don't forget to schedule those tee times for mid-morning or even PM. You'll still be off the course by 5-ish to crank it up again!

  • Mix of Styles - Some want to party, some want to get to bed at 8. Consider staying on the North or South ends, where the pace is quite a bit slower, but there are still options to get out and have a good time. Arrange bedroom assignments so that people sleeping won't be bothered by the ones getting in late!

If any of this sounds good to you, we're ready to host your group! Thanks for considering Myrtle Beach, and we hope you visit soon! 

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Top 5 Myrtle Beach Golf Trip Tips

As the winter months descend, harsh weather has arrived around much of the country, a development that heightens the anticipation of a Myrtle Beach golf trip. While golfers try to stay warm, dreams of spring in Myrtle Beach offer the promise of better days. With that in mind, we have five tips that will help make planning your next golf trip a little easier. 1. Book Early – Increasingly, people wait for the last minute to book travel figuring a better deal awaits. That’s not

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Three Reasons to Take a Myrtle Beach Golf Vacation This Fall

Fall is the perfect time for a Myrtle Beach Golf VacationFall is the ideal time for a Myrtle Beach golf vacation. The heat and humidity that define the summer has retreated and evening temperatures routinely dip into the low 60s, paving the way for an idyllic day on the golf course.

Assuming, of course, that 78 degrees and sunny skies qualifies as ideal for your group.

A Myrtle Beach golf vacation in October or November is the perfect way to say goodbye to the season at a time of year when temperatures are beginning to get uncomfortably cool for our friends in the northeast.

What are the advantages of a golf vacation when the leaves are changing?

1. While spring is the busiest season here in Myrtle Beach, it’s hard to beat the aforementioned weather. Given that daylight savings time doesn’t end until November 2 (Ugh. That’s always a bad day), there is ample daylight to get in 36 holes.

2. The value of a Myrtle Beach golf trip is always strong, but it’s at its zenith in the fall. Don’t just take our word for it. Golf Digest recently featured a group of golf packages from other leading destinations. Compare the value in Orlando, Scottsdale, Kohler and others to what you get in Myrtle Beach. It’s not even close.  No destination can match Myrtle Beach and that advantage is magnified in the fall.

3. Course conditions are ideal, especially for the area’s remaining layouts that feature bentgrass greens, which thrive in the cooler temperatures. Most area layouts have converted to the newer strands of Bermuda and they are in pristine condition as well. Course conditions will be as good as they are all year.

Myrtle Beach, with its subtropical climate, is fortunate to be a 12-month a year destination, but it’s hard to find a better time to be here than the fall.

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Let’s Count the Reasons Myrtle Beach is Golf’s Most Popular Trip

A Myrtle Beach golf vacation is the game’s most popular buddies trip, attracting hundreds of thousands of players annually to the South Carolina coast.

But what makes the area the best choice for your golf group this year?

1. No destination in the world can match Myrtle Beach’s volume of great golf courses.

Thirteen layouts have been ranked among the nation’s top 100 public courses in recent years. The Dunes Club, Caledonia, Tidewater, the four courses at Barefoot, and Grande Dunes, among many others, can take their place along the best any travel destination has to offer.

2. The only thing that equals the quality of a Myrtle Beach golf trip is the value it delivers.

A beach golf vacation returns bang for your buck whether you are playing the area’s best or need a value-based trip so all your friends can go. Therein lies the heart of the Grand Strand’s popularity -- our ability to accommodate any type of vacation. Myrtle Beach always delivers value for your golf dollar.

3. If you want a stuffy trip that requires you to stay on-site to play particular courses and forces you to wear a sports coat to dinner, then more power to you.

But Myrtle Beach is all about a good time, and we deliver. With more than 1,800 restaurants, sports bars and dance clubs, our off-course menu is even more diverse than our golf offerings. If you can’t have a good time here, you aren’t trying very hard.

4. Myrtle Beach, among America’s leading golf destinations, is among the most accessible.

We enjoy nonstop flight service from Washington, DC, New York, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, Baltimore, Philadelphia and Detroit, among many other locales, and we are a reasonable drive for those living along the always-bustling Interstate 95 corridor. It has never been easier to get to Myrtle Beach,

5. Myrtle Beach’s golf vacation companies are the game’s best, making the booking process, dare we say it, easy.

The golf package was invented and perfected here so all you have to do is get your guys onboard and we will make Myrtle Beach, in addition to being your best trip option, is the most efficient.

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Top 5 Things For Your Group To Do In Myrtle Beach When You Can’t Play Golf

Golfsmith is a great place to visit on a cold dayRare is the day when it’s to cold to play golf in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but winter storm “Leon” (is it really necessary to name winter storms?) has brought us one of those dreadful occurrences.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a good time to be had. So what is a man (or woman) to do when weather prevents you from playing on a beach golf vacation? We have plenty of ideas.

1. Visit one of our FIVE mega Myrtle Beach golf stores. We are home to two PGA Tour Superstores, two Golf Dimensions and a Golfsmith. These massive stores are a golfer’s dream, featuring state-of-the-art simulators, larges practice putting greens, and multiple hitting cages. You could spend all day in these stores without getting bored. Did we mention they offer as good a value as you will find on golf equipment?

2. If you are forced to skip a day of golf, the weather will almost surely improve the following day and you will want to make up for that lost 18. So treat yourself to a massage (Cinzia Spa at North Beach Plantation comes highly recommended), and make sure you are primed for 36 holes the following day.

3. If you can’t settle your bets on a Myrtle Beach golf course, go bowling. There are eight bowling alleys along the Grand Strand, so the lanes are never far away. It’s a good place to enjoy a few pitchers, talk a little trash and exchange a little money.

4. No matter the weather, Broadway Louie’s is a good time. Located in Broadway at the Beach, it’s as much an entertainment center as sports bar. Broadway Louie’s has karaoke (a great way to make someone pay a non-monetary bet), a 25-foot jumbotron and a million-dollar arcade, among other amenities.

5. Instead of playing a Ryder Cup-type event on the course, keep your teams together and take them Surf's Up Laser Tag, where up to 40 people can play at one time. It’s a different type of activity, but a blast to play.

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Myrtle Beach Golf Trip: 5 Places To Visit

If you only want the best on your Myrtle Beach golf trip, we have several Central Strand recommendations. From steakhouses to lighted driving ranges, here are five things that will help make your trip even more memorable. 1. Go to New York Prime - If money isn’t an issue and your Myrtle Beach golf group wants great steak, the original New York Prime is the place to go.  There are New York Prime restaurants in Atlanta and Boca Raton, but the chain started here, and it only takes one

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Myrtle Beach Golf Offers an Abundance of Treats This Halloween

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year. Who doesn’t love a little leftover candy and the coming holiday season? It’s time to look into our Myrtle Beach golf bag and determine the tricks and treats as we head toward the end of 2013. TREAT: The Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Myrtle Beach’s most revered course, installed new Champion Bermuda grass greens over the summer, and the transition was seamless. The Champion Bermuda is better equipped to handle the

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Top 10 Reasons Myrtle Beach is Golf’s Best Trip

golf coursesMyrtle Beach is golf’s most popular destination. Practically everyone who plays golf has visited the area or certainly knows someone who has. But if not, here are the top 10 reasons Myrtle Beach should be the preferred destination for your next golf trip:

1. "It’s the Golf, Stupid"

It’s a golf trip we are talking about and no destination can match the number and quality of courses offered along the Grand Strand. More than 50 area layouts have earned a 4-star designation from Golf Digest and 12 have been ranked among America’s Top 100 public courses in recent years. Myrtle Beach is America’s most popular golf trip and yours can start on one of these 80 area golf courses.

2. Everybody Loves a Good Bargain

Everyone wants to maximize value, particularly in difficult economic times, and no one does it better than Myrtle Beach. The area has the ability to accommodate just about any golf trip budget. The chance to get away, play golf and blow off a little steam can be therapeutic, and Myrtle Beach makes it possible for everyone.

3. If You Can’t Have a Good Time Here...

Unlike some other destinations that roll up the sidewalks at sun down, Myrtle Beach is almost as much fun off the course as it is on. Whether it’s shopping, dining or a night out with the boys, it’s hard not to have fun in Myrtle Beach.

4. Golf SUPERstores

The Grand Strand is home to four of the game’s best retail stores. PGA Tour Superstore and Golf Dimensions each have two area locations and have nearly every golf related item imaginable. It’s like putting a kid in a candy store. We also welcomed our very first Golfsmith in 2013 located near the Coastal Grande Mall! 

5. Everyone is Welcome

Face it: rightly or wrongly, golf is perceived as an elitist sport. In Myrtle Beach, nothing could be further from the truth. From blue collar to white collar, men and women, young and old, Myrtle Beach, more so than anywhere else, welcomes everyone with open arms.

6. Local Knowledge

Myrtle Beach golf packager providers are intimately familiar with the market. They live and play golf along the Grand Strand, and are in constant contact with area courses. As a result, they will tailor a trip to meet the unique needs of your group. Their expertise will help make your trip better. Free, custom golf quotes are available on this site with Quick Quotes. A package provider will review what you're looking for and send a quote with no obligation.

7. Size Doesn’t Matter

People tend to think they need a large group to take a buddy trip. That’s not true. Whether it’s just you and a friend or a group of 60, Myrtle Beach willingly accommodates golf trips of all sizes.

8. Back to School

Are you new to the game or struggling rediscover your swing? There is no better place for golf instruction than Myrtle Beach. Classic Swing Golf School, led by owner and director of instruction Ted Frick, is ranked among America’s Top 25 Golf Schools by Golf Magazine. Top 100 Teacher Brad Redding and Mel Sole are also among the leading instructors along the Grand Strand.

9. Step on a Pop Top

In addition to the obvious golf-related benefits of a trip to Myrtle Beach, there is also an intangible factor that shouldn’t be overlooked – the Atlantic Ocean. The sound of the crashing waves, the lowcountry coastal setting, and the laid back environment of The South combine to make the perfect backdrop for a buddy’s trip.

10. By Air and Land

Myrtle Beach is within  a day’s drive of every major metro area on the Eastern seaboard, and the area enjoys non-stop flight service from New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Toronto, Fort Lauderdale, Washington, D.C., Atlantic City and Pittsburgh, among others. Getting here has never been easier.

11. What Did We Miss?

Golfers love Myrtle Beach for many different reasons, so tell us what you're favorite thing about Myrtle Beach is in the comments below! Reminder, you can use the sharing buttons below to email this to your golf group leader and tell your group you're ready for a trip!

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Golf Trip Don’ts: Five Things Not to Do As Your Prepare for Your Next Trip

It’s easy to tell someone what to do, but we are going the opposite direction. Based on years of experience, we have a list of five golf trip don’ts that, if avoided, will improve your golf travel experience. If you fly, don’t take your clubs on the plane. Everyone has heard a golf clubs-on-an-airplane horror story. A golf-specific shipping company, such as Ship Sticks, will pick your clubs up and bring them to your destination for as little as $39 each way. If that

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Local Knowledge: Five Places in Myrtle Beach You Haven’t Visited but Should

The beauty of Myrtle Beach lies in the diversity of its offerings, but it’s helpful to have someone make a couple of recommendations if you are unfamiliar with the area. Places likes Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing,  and Market Common deservedly attract a lot of attention, but there are less heralded venues that also offer a great time. Here are five under-the-radar places and activities one local would recommend you visiting on your next Myrtle Beach golf

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5 Reasons You Can’t Wait to Get to Myrtle Beach this Spring!!

The days are short, the weather is nasty, and the closest you get to the course is the Golf Channel. For many golfers, the dog days come during the winter months. But all hope is not lost. Spring in Myrtle Beach is nearly upon us – with a forecast in the 70s for this weekend, it may have already arrived! - so now is the time to begin planning your trip to the Golf Capital of the World. Here are five things you have to look forward to on your spring Myrtle Beach golf trip. 1. No

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Gobble, Gobble: Five Things We Have to be Thankful For in Myrtle Beach

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s an ideal time to reflect on the many things we have to be grateful for. Living in Myrtle Beach, we have been afforded many blessings, and here are five that top the list. 1. We are most appreciative of the 1 million golfers that annually flock to the area. Golfers have made the Grand Strand the game’s most popular destination and for that, we are remain thankful. 2. In counting your blessings, it’s best not to take things that have long

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Local Knowledge: Myrtle Beach’s Top 5 Mexican Restaurants

Looking for something with a little kick after chasing the little white ball around on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip? Whether you want to spice it up for lunch and dinner or chill out with frozen margaritas, Myrtle Beach has your taste buds covered if its Mexican fare you crave. The typical momasita-and-pop shops can be found up and down the Strand, but a handful of cantina stand out above the crowd for featuring creative dishes and an extra slice of nightlife. Here's our top

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Hot List: The Grand Strand’s Top 5 Late-Night Restaurants

Taking a Myrtle Beach golf trip involves making the most of your time, and that includes the occasional late night meal. Whether your flight arrives or departs at odd hours or you are an early bird or night owl on the prowl for food, there are plenty of places where you can chow down at all hours of the night. Here are my top 5: 5. The Huddle House in North Myrtle Beach’s motto says it all: Any Meal, Any Time. The place is best known for its breakfast, but serves three squares all

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Hot List: Myrtle Beach’s Top 5 Places for Food and Fun

A Myrtle Beach golf trip is all about fun, on and off the course, and several establishments around town cater to a group’s desire for games on and off the course. If the competition on your next Myrtle Beach golf trip extends beyond the course, here are the five best places to settle a score. 5. Ron Jon’s Beer and Burgers in Myrtle Beach offers excellent food and fun. Featuring multiple pool tables and other classic bar games, Ron Jon’s keeps the good times rolling.

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Top 5 Reasons to Take a Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

There are a countless reasons to take a Myrtle Beach golf vacation, but here are the top five. Whichever reason brings you to the beach, be sure to enjoy them all: 5) Attractions: From the new 190-foot tall SkyWheel and the surrounding Boardwalk along the downtown oceanfront to the entertainment complexes like Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot Landing, there's plenty to keep golfers going long after the 18th hole.   4) Bars: There are plenty of 19th holes around the Grand

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Local Knowledge: Myrtle Beach’s Top 5 Chain Restaurants

When we’ve ranked restaurants in the past (everything from seafood and steak to chicken wings and oysters), we’ve tried to stay with locally owned establishments. But a lot of people find comfort in chain restaurants where the food is a known quantity. With that in mind, we offer you a look at the area's five best restaurants that have familiar names and, in most cases, multiple locations for your convenience on a Myrtle Beach golf trip. 1. Ruth’s Chris - It

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Top 5 Sports Bars: Central Strand

Myrtle Beach is at the heart of the Grand Strand’s entertainment scene. From "March Madness" in the spring, to football in the fall, here are the top five seeds (the best places to watch a game) in Central Strand Region. See the top 5 sports bars on the South and North ends too!)1. Broadway Louie’s - Located at Broadway at the Beach, the epicenter of Myrtle Beach nightlife, Broadway Louie’s is home to a 27-foot projection screen, the area’s largest. That

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Top 5 Sports Bars: South Strand

Sports bars on the South Strand are plentiful - and though the choices offered are good, but they don’t receive quite the acclaim as they do in Myrtle Beach. The South Strand is known for its casual pace and upscale golf and dining options, but there are still a host of establishments that offer an inviting atmosphere to watch a game. Here are the top 5 Sports Bars on the South end to watch a game. (Check out the top 5 sports bars list for the Central Myrtle Beach, and the North End

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Top 5 Sports Bars: North Strand

The North Strand has grown into a golf and entertainment powerhouse in recent years, earning its spot as a good time destination. If you're looking to settle in and catch a game at a good sports bar, here's where to start: (see the list for Central Myrtle Beach and the South End too) 1. Overtime Sports Café – The area’s best sports bar is also the best place to watch the tournament. The North Myrtle Beach establishment has 150 televisions, including a 12-foot video wall, and

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Local Knowledge: 5 Ways to Improve Your Next Golf Trip

It’s August, the mercury in the thermometer is reaching a boil and it’s … time to start thinking about fall golf? That’s right. The fall golf season is just weeks away and we have five tips to maximize the value and good times of your next trip to Myrtle Beach. As you are talking to golf directors and emailing buddies, here are five things to keep in mind:1. Plan Ahead: With temperatures soaring across the nation, it’s hard to imagine cool weather, but in eight

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Hot List: 5 Tech Tips To Improve Your Myrtle Beach Golf Trip

Technology has improved our lives in countless ways, and if you are savvy, it will make a Myrtle Beach golf trip little more enjoyable as well. Whether you’ve got the iPhone 4 , an old-school Blackberry or rely on a personal computer, we have five tech tips that can make your next Myrtle Beach golf trip a more efficient one. 1. Download a List of Golf Courses – There is no need for a smart phone for our most basic piece of advice. Before leaving for your trip, go to the courses

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Top 5: Myrtle Beach’s Best Putt-Putt Golf Courses

Sure Myrtle Beach is home to the nation’s largest selection of golf courses, but the fun doesn’t stop there for those you who can’t put the putter down. The Grand Strand is also home to 50 putt-putt golf courses, including some of the world’s best. If you have a better chance of winning money on a miniature golf course, here are the Myrtle Beach area’s five best: 1. Hawaiian Rumble: The North Myrtle Beach course hosts the Masters of mini golf every year and

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Top 5 Myrtle Beach Golf Moments of the Decade

The five biggest Myrtle Beach golf moments of the last decade weren’t easy to settle on, but we sorted through the course openings, honors and other goings on to narrow the list. After ranking moments six through 10, we are ready to unveil our ranking of the top 5 Myrtle Beach golf moments of the new millennium. Without further ado: 5. 25 Years of the World Am – Check the PGA and LPGA Tour schedules and see how many events, beyond the majors, have survived 25 years.

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Top 5 Summer Golf Tips

The mercury is rising and the beaches are filling, but Myrtle Beach remains the Golf Capital of the World in the summer months as well. If you are making a family beach trip, don’t forget to pack your clubs because summer is as good a time as any to play. Summer has emerged as the “secret” season in Myrtle Beach. Course conditions are excellent, greens fees are lower and premium tee times are easier to get. With that in mind, here five tips as you prepare for a summer

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Top 5 Myrtle Beach Restaurants To Eat For Under $10

It’s early evening after a round on your favorite Myrtle Beach golf course and your stomach is rumbling louder than a stock car on a speedway.  This isn’t the time for a high-end sit down dinner. Good food, fast service and a check with one digit on the left side of the decimal are the priorities So what are the options for a group looking for a quality dinner that costs less than $10 per entrée? In Myrtle Beach the choices are many, but we’ve made things

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Tell Us Your Favorite Course!

There are 100 possible answers to the question everyone asks – what is your favorite Myrtle Beach golf course? Whether it’s the course where you fired your best round ever, made a hole-in-one, or had the time of your life - we want to know where you like to play.   Anyone that tells us their favorite Myrtle Beach course will be entered into a random drawing for two dozen Maxfli Red Max Red Hot Distance golf balls! Tell us what your favorite course is in the "Leave

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