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Five Tips to Planning Your Very First Golf Trip to Myrtle Beach

King's North is one of many great Myrtle Beach golf coursesMyrtle Beach is America’s most popular golf destination, attracting nearly a million players annually, many of them longtime visitors who know their way around town.

But countless new groups make their maiden voyage to the Golf Capital of the World each year, navigating more than 100 course offerings to plan their dream golf vacation.

What makes Myrtle Beach great – the quality and quantity of its offerings – can also make it challenging for newbies. With that in mind, we offer these tips to make planning your first Myrtle Beach golf trip easier than a tap-in:

Understand the size and scope of “Myrtle Beach”

The area referred to as Myrtle Beach is actually 60 miles of Carolinas coastline that stretches from Georgetown, S.C. on the south, to Brunswick County, N.C to the north. Locals refer to this stretch as "The Grand Strand" and divide it into three regions – the North, South and Central strands. Before you book your trip, get a free Myrtle Beach Golf Holiday trip-planning magazine and familiarize yourself with each of the three regions, it will help you make an informed decision about where to stay and play.

Utilize a golf package provider

These folks know local golf better than anyone, and they are in business solely to design golf packages and make sure you have a great trip (repeat business is vital to their success).  

There are two types of package providers in our organization:

1. Resorts/Accommodations who have an in-house golf director. This is how golf packages got started. The beach hotels began to see more and more golfers come to Myrtle Beach, so they created a golf department right there inside the resort. If you've picked the place where you want to stay, just contact their golf director who will book your room(s) at the resort, and schedule your tee times for the whole trip in one easy transaction.

2. Pure golf package companies who can book any resort/hotel in the area, and book your tee times at any golf course you want. 

What's the real difference? It really just depends if you have decided where you want to stay. Some golfers come back to Myrtle Beach and stay at the same property year after year because they know they like it, and don't like the risk of trying someplace new. If you're a first-time visitor, and need expert guidance in choosing the right hotel for your group, they perhaps go with a pure package provider. If, after all that, you still can't decide, then try this list of package providers currently offering a special deal.

The real advantage for a first time visitor is tapping in to their expertise. That's what they're there for!

Here are a few issues package providers can help with:

  • I've never been to Myrtle Beach, so I don't know where to start!
  • How do I choose which golf courses to play?
  • I have different skill levels in my group, how can I handle that?
  • What can we do after the round?
  • We don't want to sweat the details of contacting golf courses ourselves.
  •  Which area of Myrtle Beach matches the experience my group is looking for?

More: Top 5 Reasons it's Best to Book a Myrtle Beach Golf Package

Pick golf courses close to your hotel

Seems like a simple plan, but your first trip to Myrtle Beach can be similar to a meal at a Brazilian steakhouse: your first inclination is to say yes to everything! Do your homework and identify a cluster of courses in close proximity that you want to play, it will make your trip much more efficient. You can easily sort our full list of golf courses, but here are a few links to help: Southern golf courses | Central golf courses | Northern golf courses. First time visitors run the risk of spending valuable vacation time stuck in the car driving, when you could be golfing. - don't get caught in this trap! 

Take the opportunity to play the best we have to offer

Myrtle Beach, unquestionably, offers the best value in golf travel. The area is also home to 12 layouts that have been ranked among the top 100 public courses in America and more than 50 4-star courses, according to Golf Digest. Enjoy the opportunity to play some of the best courses in the nation.

Think about the "experience" you're looking for

There's a lot to do off the course in Myrtle Beach too, so know what your group likes to do.

  • Die-Hard Golfers - You're all golf, all the time, and it would surprise no one if you're playing 36/day. Consider staying at a multi-course facility, such as Legends Resort. You may be able to play a whole different course at the replay rate, practice facilities are nearby, dining is on-site. Nothing to distract you from the great golf on-site, and close by. 

  • Party Golfers - Sure, you're golfing, but it's mainly a precursor to dinner reservations and nightlife. You're looking for action, and central Myrtle Beach is where you want to be. Bright lights, tons of attractions and nightlife options, and many courses within a 15 minute drive. Don't forget to schedule those tee times for mid-morning or even PM. You'll still be off the course by 5-ish to crank it up again!

  • Mix of Styles - Some want to party, some want to get to bed at 8. Consider staying on the North or South ends, where the pace is quite a bit slower, but there are still options to get out and have a good time. Arrange bedroom assignments so that people sleeping won't be bothered by the ones getting in late!

If any of this sounds good to you, we're ready to host your group! Thanks for considering Myrtle Beach, and we hope you visit soon! 


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