Celebrity Involvement

Prostate cancer has touched nearly every family, and when the Know Your Score campaign was launched, numerous sports and entertainment celebrities eagerly joined the fight. Stars like Jim Boeheim and Ken Griffey Sr. have beat the disease while others, like Tony Womack and NFL Hall of Famer Dan Hampton, recognized a good cause and are doing their part to eliminate America's most common non-skin cancer.  Here are a few celebrities who have pledged their support to the Know Your Score campaign.

Jim Huber

Four-time Emmy Award Winning essayist and comentator for Turner Sports, Jim Huber, has made his way through journalism's entire mountain range.  Author of highly the highly-acclaimed booke, "A Thousand Goodbyes" and his latest story of Tom Watson's remarkable British Open of 2009 is due out shortly.  Huber is the 2010 Know Your Score: Fight Prostate Cancer National Spokesman.

Craig T. Nelson

Three-time emmy nominated TV and film actor, Craig T. Nelson first jumped on the scene as a stand-up comedian, then made is film debut as the father in the movie "Poltergeist".  Also known for his lead role in the comedy sitcom, "Coach".   

Ewa Mataya Laurance

Ewa "The Striking Viking" Laurance

International and World Cub Trick Shot Champion, Ewa Mataya Laurance took the billiards world by storm since she moved to the U.S. from her native Sweden.  Ewa is the holder of multiple World and US Open 9-ball titles, and had also won the Swedish, European and US National Championships in her incredible career.

Bobby Collins

Bobby Collins has a job that people always laugh at.  As one of today's leading and most sought-after comedic talents, his heartfelt humor engages audiences with a clever blend of characterizations and hilarious observations that everyone can relate to.  Whether its clubs or corporate gatherings it's non-stop laughter.  He says, "Laughing can be a stress reliver.  And when I interact with the audience, they see new things about their everyday world that make them smile.  It's a release."

Muztie a.k.a. Daniel Forestier

Mutzie, whose name is Daniel Forestier, is jolly, engaging, likable and bald.  "I've always been a kuncklehead," he says.  "I've been called Mutzie my whole life.  When my parents took me to my grandparents' house and they had a maid.  She took one look at me and said, 'he looks like a little mutzie.' I still don't know what it means."  A veteran of BET's Club Comic View, Comedy Central and Showtime, he's made over 100 television apearances and is considred the upper crust of B-List comics.

Karen Mills

Karen Mills is a breath of fresh air.  Her humor is smart, funny, and original.  She's been coompared to such greats as Bill Cosby, Ellen Degeneres and Jerry Seinfeld.&